GY18D 1800W 8ohm 4 channel Stereo digital power amplifier from China

Product Characteristic from GYIMPEX AUDIO CHINA FACTORY  :
1) 1U height 9 "width of standard cabinet, compact size, lightweight and portable; 
2) ClassD power module with fixed switching frequency; 
3) The soft start LLC resonant SMPS module; 
4) The active power factor correction (PFC), can be stable working in full voltage range (90-264V); 
5) The efficient speaker EMF absorption system; 
6)The unique peak limiter and ripple cancellation network; 
7) The fan with temperature control and variable speed, airflow from front to rear; 
8) Connection mode selection (stereo / parallel / bridge); 
9) Input sensitivity switch (0.775v/1v/32dB); 
10) The whole circuit protection, including: soft start, DC, infrasonic frequency, VHF, overheat, short circuit, mute on / off; 
11) The low frequency powerful, depth is extremely low, mid high frequency with high transparent, clear and sweet; 
12) The integration design of the power amplifier module and power supply module, more than 85% components with mechanical automation operation, to ensure the consistency of the product;
13) Applications : The touring / portable audio performance;  The KTV/ bar / Music Hall; The stadium / arena; 

1U+Class D+ PFC digital SMPS 4 channel power amplifier
(stable working in full voltage range (90-264V))
Stereo power 8Ω(RMS): 1800W*4 Stereo power 4Ω (RMS):2800W*4 bridge power 8Ω (RMS):5200W*2 bridge power 4Ω(RMS): 8100W*2 Net weight: 10.3kg Frequency response(20Hz-20kHz) : +/-0.5Db THD: ≤0.35%(8Ω,20Hz--20kHz,1/8 rated power) Inter modulation distortion : ≤0.15%(8Ω,60+7kHz,1/8 rated power) S/N (A weight) : ≥104dB Sensitivity (rated power 8Ω): 0.775V/1V/32dB Damping Factor: ≥600 Slew Rate: >20V/us Input impedance ,Balanced >20kΩ / Unbalanced>10kΩ Conversion rate: ≥20v/uS Resolution: ≥70dB Protection: Soft start, VHF, DC short circuit.Overload,Clipping ,Distortion limit,Overheat Power supply voltage: 90V~264V Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 483*381*44mm